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Month: June 2016

Should You Get An Expensive Comforter?

Spending some extra money to ensure your good night sleep can be justified at a point. But you also need to pay attention to the utility value of the item and whether it’s worth it or not. Some reviews can be misleading as you might be already aware of. Anyhow, when you’re looking for a comforter, there are many things come to mind. Among all those, the most important thing is durability and ease of maintenance. The price might reflect the quality of a good down comforter. But is it really all?



Quality Comes With a Price

While the old saying is true, it doesn’t mean that it has to be very expensive. There are ways where you can get an affordable but still great comforter. There are brands that are offering affordable down comforter. They still use the natural filling but you have to make do with less baffle-box and perhaps a coarser fabric. Also, they might have less downforce than the more expensive ones. The lack of downforce may not a big deal if you only need the comforter for the winter or to keep your bed warm.


In Case, You’re Looking for Something Else

A quilted blanket can work as a comforter, but it won’t be the same. Again, it’s all about where you live and your sleeping habit in general. Your health is the utmost important. So unless you have a serious health issue against down comforter, you totally should look for one. Do not compromise the quality just because you want to save some penny. In the long run, the extra money you spent will come in handy and you will save some for the maintenance. More expensive comforters tend to have a better fabric that is easy to clean. They also have better air flow so you only need to let your comforter breathe twice every year.


Spending your money for bed is a must do if you’re thinking to have a better quality sleep. However, you need to know that not all the glitters are gold. The most expensive comforter cannot guarantee your better sleep if it doesn’t suit your need.

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